Saturday, March 5, 2011

many smiles

Dear Paraguay Team,

I had wonderful day out at Buena Semilla Orphanage. Together with the AIA team from Canada, we where able to set up a basketball court for the kids. Although we planned on working on this service project for two days, the second day it started pouring down rain, and we faced the challenge of figuring out how to keep 40 kids busy indoors! not an easy task. But the group was very talented, and were able to come up with some great games and Bible stories for the kids.

Mary and I have decided to bring a couple kids from the orphanage and bring them home to enjoy the day with us. Tomorrow we plan on bringing over the first group. I wish i could bring them all at once! But I think it will be important that the kids understand what a family setting is like. That way, someday in the future when they have their own families they have something to work towards.
I'll post some pictures ASAP.

Love, Judah and Mary

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